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Cotton & gauze & bandage

Waterproof gauze elastic bandages are specifically designed to provide support and compression to injured body parts while also protecting them from moisture. These bandages are typically made of a combination of gauze and elastic materials. The gauze provides absorbency and breathability, while the elastic component allows the bandage to stretch and conform to the body for a secure fit. The waterproof feature helps to keep the bandage dry and prevents water or other liquids from penetrating through to the wound or injury site. These bandages are commonly used in situations where there is a need for both compression and protection from moisture, such as in sports injuries or post-surgical care.

Sterile dental cotton rolls are commonly used in dental procedures to absorb moisture and provide isolation. These rolls are typically made of pure cotton and are tightly wrapped into a cylindrical shape. They are sterile to ensure a clean and hygienic environment during dental procedures. Dental cotton rolls are used for various purposes, such as absorbing saliva, isolating teeth during procedures, protecting the oral tissues, and controlling bleeding. They come in different sizes to accommodate different dental needs and are generally disposable, ensuring a fresh and sterile supply for each patient.